The StudieHuiskamer

StudieGeluk presents the StudieHuiskamer (SHK): a counselling method to support study delayers and long-term students on their way to a diploma. StudieGeluk helps your organisation (college or university) to tackle study delay, also preventively. More information about our content, who we are and how we work can be found on this website.

The StudieHuiskamer

The StudieHuiskamer (SHK) offers - literally - a weekly fixed place for students (currently mainly aimed at long-term students) to study in groups. In the SHK, attention is paid to three important aspects of studying:

  • Focus: Knowing what you need to do for your studies (especially planning and time management);
  • Fit: knowing how to do it (knowing which way of studying suits you; study skills and techniques);
  • Feelings: feeling and knowing what prevents you from studying (such as fear of failure, procrastination, addiction, gloom, motivation problems, etc.).

Parallel to the joint studying, personal conversations are held for support and time is reserved for short "mini-lectures" on psycho-education and topics related to the above three aspects.

Our services

We provide the implementation of the SHK at colleges and universities. If you are interested in the SHK as an employee of a college or university, please read below for a brief explanation of what we can do for you. Are you a student and would you like to participate in an SHK at your school? Then see the box 'Are you a student'? We offer guidance in implementing an SHK in your organisation. This includes a number of meetings in which we work together:

  • look into which form and with which supervisors the SHK best suits the target group you have in mind;
  • make a planning for the implementation of the SHK in your organisation;
  • discuss and implement practical and organisational matters.
  • In addition, we will hold a 'train the trainer' meeting in which we will introduce future SHK supervisors to the ins and outs of the SHK and the process of providing guidance.


    Costs are charged per hour. The introductory interview will not be charged. Please contact us for more information on the rates.

    Document licensing

    By means of a licence, we provide access to all current and future documents relating to the StudieHuiskamer, as well as future updates. In addition, a licence gives the opportunity for super- and intervision, provided and supported by us.

    Are you a student?

    Are you a student and would you like to become a participant of an SHK at your school? Or do you think other students could benefit from it? Then contact the student services department of your school or send us an e-mail. We can then contact your school to provide information about the SHK.

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About StudieGeluk: who are we?

StudieGeluk aims to guide students in higher education on their way to a pleasant and relaxed study experience. We believe that study success not only depends on obtaining exams and credits, but also on the degree of pleasure and relaxation that comes with it, i.e. study happiness. This is why we present the StudieHuiskamer: a method for study success in which study success and study happiness go hand in hand.

Chris de Bruin

After my Psychology studies, I worked for a number of years as a trainer/educator. The last few years in particular at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. The combination of my educational experience and my affinity with the study problems of young people has led to the establishment of StudieGeluk in 2017. Since then I have been working on developing a methodology that can support students in higher education with both practical and psychological obstacles. This has led to the method The StudieHuiskamer, which was definitively implemented at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences in 2020 after a two-year pilot.

Anne de Bruin

I am involved with StudieGeluk as a psychologist. In 2020, I graduated from the master's program in Clinical Psychology at Utrecht University, after which I started working at Jellinek in addiction care. I started my training as a PRI (Past Reality Integration) therapist in early 2022 and since 2023 I have been working as an independent psychologist in my own practice. I work with the PRI method, a profound method that looks at where psychological complaints come from and provides a sustainable solution for them.

Solving practical obstacles in studying often yields a lot, but sometimes more is needed. Do you, for example, suffer a lot from fear of failure, perfectionism or procrastination? Or are you struggling with depression and is your study suffering as a result? Then it's nice if someone can support you in that too. Feel free to contact me if you are seeking that support or have questions about it. Or take a look at my website:


"It gives me structure and motivates me that we are together."
"For me, it was a place where I could sit with 'fellow sufferers'. It was very nice not to be alone and to be able to share your experiences/obstacles. We could regularly sound out things like stress management and staying calm while studying. It especially gave me peace of mind and the ability to spend a whole day effectively studying."”
"Study happiness is an excellent tool to work in a structured way at school. It also gives you something to hold on to when you are in danger of not achieving your plans and you can't figure it out yourself. It also ensures that I actually make time for studying. Passing the courses that are still open is no longer a solitary route in which I get bogged down, but a route with various checkpoints, where something actually happens.
"I attended the study hall for a year and found it extremely pleasant! As a long-term student, you don't have any classmates any more and you lose the structure. Thanks to the study-room I got back into a healthy study rhythm and I was motivated to finish my last subjects. We work in manageable time slots throughout the day, which makes it easy to keep up. There is also room for individual discussions with Chris, so you can get help with study problems or matters from your private life."
"Study happiness is valuable to me because I have the feeling that I am making progress with my studies again. It motivates me to get out of bed and be in the library at all hours and it provides structure during the study day. Because there is 'supervision', I am less easily distracted by external factors. When I get stuck with my work, I can always ask for help (even when there is a non-study-related reason behind it). The study group members are in the same boat so I feel understood."

Contact us

Do you have any questions or comments, or are you interested in the StudieHuiskamer and our services? Then feel free to contact us.